Kenya’s Mombasa–Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway sets a new record for daily passenger volume


On July 18, Kenya’s Mombasa–Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway(#SGR) sent more than 10,000 passengers for the first time(10,027 for exactly), setting a new record for the daily passenger volume of this railway line.

In order to meet the increased travel needs during the Eid al-Adha holidays, Afristar, which is owned by our subsidiary CRBC and operates the SGR, has deployed in advance to further optimize the line’s passenger transportation capacity while continuing strict prevention measures.

From the evening of July 17, three pairs of passenger trains on the SGR has increased from 11 passenger carriages to 18 to ease the traffic pressure. All departments of the Afristar work together to ensure trains run on time and safely during peak time for passenger transport.