First phase of Haiwan Avenue in Quanzhou opened to traffic


The first phase of Haiwan Avenue, invested in and built by CCCC in Quanzhou city, east China’s Fujian Province, was opened to traffic on June 28. As a characteristic tourist landscape avenue, the two-way six-lane Haiwan Avenue has a total length of 21.4 kilometers, with a designated speed of 80 km/h for the main road and 40km/h for the side road.

The project is divided into two phases, of which the first one stretches 6.63 km, including two sub-projects of the Baxian section and the Shuangshan section. The first phase involves construction of the subgrade, bridges, culverts and other supporting facilities. After completion, the project will effectively connect the coastal landscape, play an important role in promoting the integration and development of tourism resources along the line, and enhance the regional economic vitality.