Hebei section of the Beijing-Xiongan expressway was opened to traffic


Partly built by CCCC, Hebei section of the Beijing-Xiongan expressway was opened to traffic on May 29. The Beijing-Xiongan Expressway, stretching 27 km in Beijing and 75 km in north China’s Hebei Province, is the most convenient expressway channel linking Beijing and Xiongan New Area. It will halve the travel time between the two cities to one hour.

Construction of the section undertaken by CCCC is featured by high difficulty. The section runs below 500 KV high-voltage power lines and passes above the canal of the national south-to-north water diversion project, which was designed to take water from the Yangtze River to feed dry areas in the north. All pier columns of the section are gracefully shaped in the form of a vase, making more space for urban road planning. Building a single column used even as much as 46 kinds of steel reinforcing bars.