Bridge guards lives of children


In the suburb of Maputo, Mozambique, there is a steel bridge built by CRBC near a local school. Before the construction of the bridge, many local students had to cross the road to get to school. Their safety could hardly be guaranteed, as there was no sidewalk. The Chinese construction team offered to help build the steel bridge and completed it within only one month. This structure is guarding the lives of the children and also the future of the country. “China is great!” Local people gave their thumbs up to the team.

The Maputo-Katembe Bridge and North Link Roads project was opened to traffic in November 2018.With a total length of 187 km and a main span of 680 m, it is the longest suspension bridge in Africa. In the course of its construction, the project provided a large number of jobs, employing 3,700 locals during the construction peak period. It regularly held professional skills training, well improving their work ability and cultivating professional and technical personnel for the country.