CCCC builds a route leading to a better for local people


“The road to our village was very narrow and dangerous. Motorcyclist would sometimes fall into the pond by accident when it rained. Thank you for repairing the road for us.” said Zhong Zezhu, a villager in Xintian Town in Wanzhou District, southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality.

CCCC’s project department of the loop line highway of Wanzhou took the initiative to arrange technical personnel to optimize the design of a new road, organize mechanical vehicles to widen and level it, and finally built a nearly 1,000-meter cement road to the village. The road less than 2 meters wide has been widened to 4.5 meters. The team members also specially built fences on both sides of the road for safety. By now they have built over 40 km of road for the village, providing not only convenience for the project’s construction but also a route leading to a better life for the local people.