Xintian Yangtze River Bridge sees a closure


On April 26, with the last steel box girder hoisted and erected in place about 100 meters above the Yangtze River, the Xintian Yangtze River Bridge saw a closure in Wanzhou District, southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality.

Invested in and built by CCCC, it is the largest-span bridge under construction in the region, with a length of 1,770 meters and a main span of 1,020 meters. As a key part of Xintian-Gaofeng Section in Chongqing of Enshi-Guangyuan National Expressway, the Xintian Yangtze River Bridge is expected to open around the end of August 2022. By then, Wanzhou’s 80-kilometer ring expressway will be formed, making it the district with the longest urban ring expressway mileage excluding Chongqing’s main urban area.