Expanded school accommodates 1,000 students in Gwadar



“I dream of going to school. If only there was one near my home,” said the 12-year-old boy Waleed, who lives in Gwadar, Pakistan. His dream has already come true.

Due to lack of schools and traffic inconvenience, it was hard for kids in Gwadar to go to school. In order to improve local educational conditions, CCCC has designed and built the Faqeer Colony Middle School, providing both elementary and secondary education. Given the sound environment and teaching conditions, the number of students has exceeded 400, well beyond its designed accommodation capacity. Therefore in December 2019 CCCC took on the task of expanding the school. The construction team has delivered the school three months ahead of schedule despite the global health crisis. With a building area of 1,300 square meters, the school can now accommodate 1,000 students, and is equipped with multifunctional classrooms and other facilities to better serve the students and teachers.

Children are studying and playing joyously; the graffiti wall is filled with their exquisite works. The school has become a learning paradise for them to pursue their dreams.