CCCC protects Populus euphratica during road construction


The 1,305-km Urumqi-Yuli Highway Project under construction by CCCC stretches in the vast Taklimakan Desert nicknamed “the Sea of Death” in northwest China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region. To protect the fragile ecology in the desert, the project has been giving priority to environmental protection in the course of construction.

“To protect Populus euphratica, the ‘living fossil’, we would rather detour during construction at the expense of cost increase than destroy any tree,” said Gong Yongqing, a manager of the project. To reduce disturbance on animals along the construction route, the project set up bridges and culverts when the road meets lakes so that the animals can pass freely instead of being disturbed by vehicles on the road.

Since the construction commenced, the project has registered all trees, woodlands, pastures, wetlands, and farmland within the construction area one by one, and spares no effort to protect every one of them.