Yangbaoshan bridge sees a closure


Yangbaoshan bridge saw a closure in southwest China’s Guizhou Province on March 27. It is part of the Guiyang-Huangping Highway, which, with a total length of 120.6 km and a designated speed of 100 km/h, will become the most convenient expressway for Guiyang to link to the Yangtze River Delta after completion.

The main cable of the bridge is 1,113.4 meters long. The two main cables are composed of 24,128 high-strength galvanized steel wires weighing nearly 4,600 tons in total. The CCCC’s team adopted the Air Spinning Method in the erection of the main cables, the first time the method is used in China. The method effectively solved the problems of poor transportation conditions and helped with main cable erection of continuous long-span suspension bridge in mountainous Guizhou. It also features advantages of low cost, strong applicability, low force requirements on catwalks, high intelligence and automation.