Strict prevention measures carried in CHEC Papua New Guinea Office


Facing the global health crisis, CHEC Papua New Guinea Office has been carrying out strict prevention measures, such as checking body temperatures, conducting regular nucleic acid tests for staff, preparing prevention supplies, and disinfecting the work and living areas frequently. The office has also donated prevention materials as part of its efforts to support local prevention work.

While striving to guarantee the staff’s safety during these tough times, it has also been advancing project construction. It has in this month received the taking-over certificate for completing the reconstruction and upgrade of the 4 Lane Highway from the Keltiga Junction to Kagamuga Airport of the Highlands Highway in Western Highlands Province on schedule. Stretching about 13.76km, this CHEC-contracted project is the first two-way four-lane asphalt concrete road of the province and is also an integral part of Mount Hagen’s infrastructure planning.