Sri Lanka employee says CHEC truly stands out


“At CHEC if there is an urgent issue at hand, I am able to immediately meet with the Senior Members of CHEC and discuss and agree on the best solution, without the need to make formal, bureaucratic appointments! This is something I have not seen in other multinational companies,said Ruwani Munasinha, who has worked with large multinational companies, “CHEC truly stands out.”

Munasinha, now the general manager of the investment sector at CHEC Sri Lanka Regional Company, said she enjoys working at CHEC because she can gain world class exposure to the global infrastructure industry and the family-like work atmosphere where her strengths can be put to full use. Meanwhile, she was impressed by the work ethic and professionalism of her colleagues.

“Even the Senior Management of CHEC, who have countless years of experience in the infrastructure industry, were willing to listen to my ideas & suggestions and to explore new ways of solving problems which were different to the usual practices adopted,” Munasinha said.

In addition, the Chinese colleagues are friendly and approachable and are willing to guide others, and they are also in turn open to learning from others and often make full use of the expertise she has gained through working in the financial services industry for over 20 years.