Minister of Capital Investment of Montenegro Inspects the North-South Expressway Project


In an interview, Bojanić stressed that that the North-South Highway Project is of great significance to Montenegro, and the government of Montenegro will continue to support and promote the construction of the Highway to the border with Serbia, so as to realize the connection from the port city of Montenegro to Belgrade.
With a total length of about 180 kilometers, the North-South Highway Project is the first expressway in Montenegro, connecting the southern port city of Baal and the northern city of Boriaray, being an important channel from Montenegro to the interior of Europe. CRBC has undertaken the construction of its prior section, from Smolkovac to Matthishevo, which is the most difficult section of the entire Expressway. This section has a total length of about 41 kilometers and a total tunnel length of 18.3 kilometers, of which, the total length of the bridge is 6.25 kilometers, and the ratio of bridges to tunnels is about 60%.