Jinfeng Bridge opens to traffic


The world’s largest and longest covered bridge, Jinfeng Bridge, has been opened to traffic in Zhangzhou City, southeast China’s Fujian Province on March 2. Contracted by CCCC, the bridge is 1,590 meters long and the main bridge is at 1,227 meters, with dual eight lanes. Its two river-view pavilions have a horizontal span of 54 meters, making it currently the largest span covered bridge in the world.

As a landscape bridge, its sidewalks on both sides are equipped with long corridors and pavilions. There are two horizontal footbridges over it. The entire bridge is featured by architectural elements of southern Fujian. As a north-south road connecting Zhangzhou Jinfeng Development Zone with Zhangzhou High-tech Zone and Nanjing County, it will alleviate the regional traffic congestion, provide easier travel for citizens and promote the area’s development.