Shenzhen’s Mudun River has new appearance



The morning sunlight shines, the poinciana trees sway in the wind and fish swim joyously in the river...The Mudun River in Guangming New Area in Shenzhen, south China’s Guangdong Province has been transformed, from a once polluted culvert, into a river with attractive views. It is in the 106 sq km area that CCCC was responsible for treating and restoring.

Beside the 900-meter-long culvert were iron towers, cement poles and long cables, presenting huge challenges for the treatment. The project team coordinated with relevant design, pipeline, and power units to conduct multiple on-site surveys and worked out a thorough construction relocation plan. The team members also explained the significance of the project to surrounding residents one by one to win their understanding and support, ensuring a smooth relocation and the project’s progress. As the construction site is in a commercial area, the team specially adopted construction methods that had little impact on the surrounding environment. The Mudun River now flows through the city, welcoming all citizens with its brand-new appearance and delightful scenes.