CRBC signs Contract for Davao-Samar Sea-crossing Bridge


Recently, CRBC signed a business contract with the Department of Public Works of the Philippines for the Davao-Samar Sea-crossing Bridge Project.

The Davao-Samar Bridge is a sea-crossing bridge connecting the city of Davo, the third largest city in the Philippines, to the island of Samar. It spans the Pakiputan Strait and the main bridge is a low-pylon cable-stayed bridge with two towers and two cable planes, with a total length of 3.86 kilometers. The total length of the sea-crossing bridge is 1.62 kilometers.

The Davao-Samar Bridge has been hailed as a "century-long dream" in the local community, and after completion, it will significantly shorten the traffic time between Davo City and Samar Island. The completion of the bridge will greatly promote the cross-strait exchanges of Pakiputan Strait, further vitalize the economic resources and tourism potential of Samar Island, and play a significant role in improving the local economic cycle and the development of people's livelihood.