Yutian Wanfang Airport commenced operation



The Yutian Wanfang Airport partly built by CCCC in Yutian County, Hotan Prefecture, northwest China’s Uygur Autonomous Region has commenced operation recently, offering an air corridor for this area to connect with other parts of China and bringing it more opportunities for development.

Being 11.3 km away from Yutan County, the construction site of the airport is in the vast Taklimakan Desert nicknamed “the Sea of Death,” which is usually covered with drift-sand. The project adopted measures for sand stabilization and utilized sprinkling water to extend the operable time. With multiple efforts, the team has completed the excavation tasks for the runway’s construction. The project has also trained local people to make and pave straw checkerboard barriers to prevent and control desertification, ensuring the smooth progress of the construction as well as providing job opportunities for local people.