CCCC members help drivers on the National Highway 315




On January 15, it snowed heavily all night in the Altun Mountains, a no-man’s-land where the CCCC-contracted Urumqi-Yuli Highway project is located in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The depth of the snow cover reached a dozen centimeters then, and the temperature dropped to over 20 degrees centigrade below zero. The thick snow made an ascent impassable for vehicles, creating a long line on the National Highway 315, the only route to the Altun Mountains.

Seeing this, the project members immediately prepared emergency supplies for the drivers, bringing them hot water, ginger tea and commonly used emergency medicines.

We never thought that someone would come to help us in the uninhabited mountain. We felt very warm and cared for, said the drivers.The project will help them tide over this difficulty with continued efforts.

The Urumqi-Yuli Highway will become a 1,300-km-long channel that will link the northern and southern parts of Xinjiang after completion, which will further improve the highway network and boost the economic development of the region.