Fugong Munima Bridge passes acceptance

Fugong County in Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture in southwest China’s Yunnan Province had long been separated by the Nujiang River. The inconvenient traffic situation has been restricting local development. In order to bring more people out of poverty, CCCC decided to build roads and bridges to help the local people. The Fugong Munima Bridge, which is designed and constructed by CCCC to connect the two parts of the county, passed acceptance this December, meaning the bridge is now a step closer to being made open to the public. 
With an investment of 145 million yuan (about $22.2 million) by CCCC, the 609m-long bridge has two ways, four lanes and sidewalks on both sides. It will make nearly 30,000 locals’ travel easier, help improve the county’s traffic network and accelerate local urbanization.