Deputy Prime Minister of Mauritius inspected the 282-Housing Project

Recently, the Deputy Prime Minister of Mauritius, Minister of Housing and Land Use Planning, and Minister of Tourism, Louis Steven Obeegadoo inspected the 282-Housing Project undertaken by CRBC.
Obeegadoo listened to the Project's epidemic prevention and control report and learned about the project progress on site, and inspected the construction conditions of the prototype room and buildings in various work areas. Obeegadoo praised CRBC for overcoming numerous difficulties in completing the construction of the prototype room and adopting scientific epidemic prevention measures to ensure the orderly progress of the project construction with both quality and quantity.
In an interview with the local media, Obeegadoo said that CRBC is an excellent international contracting engineering company, hoped that the 282-Housing Project will become a boutique project and he looked forward to developing more cooperation with CRBC. The main engineering content of the Project includes the construction of 282 sets of social security housing and parking lots, roads, water supply and drainage pipelines and other related infrastructure, with a total construction area of approximately 19,176 square meters. This Project is an important livelihood project in Mauritius, and it plays an important role in solving the housing problem of middle- and low-income families in Mauritius and improving people's living standards.