Togo's New Prime Minister Dogbé inspects No. 34 National Highway

The new Prime Minister of Togo, Victoire Tomégah Dogbé, inspected the No. 34 National Highway Restoration and Reinforcement Project under construction recently. She was accompanied by Togo’s Minister of Public Works, Zouréatou Tchakondo-Kassa Traoré.
Dogbé inspected the entire Project, learned in detail about the Project’s epidemic prevention and control and the construction progress, and affirmed that CRBC has overcome the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and actively promoted the orderly implementation of the Project. 
The No.34 National Highway Restoration and Reinforcement Project has a total length of 60.5 kilometers, which is a main traffic road connecting the capital Lomé to Vogang. As the main arterial road in the eastern region of Togo's coastal area, the Project passes through Togo's phosphate mining area, and the terminal is connected with No. 2 National Highway to the border of Benin. After completion, it will effectively improve the travel environment of residents along the route and drive the economic development of Northeast Lomé.