CRBC signs the Madagascar National Highway Project

Recently, the Company signed the Asphalt Overlay Project of National Highway 44 from Amboasary to Wasidiarra (National Highway No. 44 Second Bid Project).
The main works of the Project include 73-kilometers road improvement and asphalt overlay works. The employer is the Ministry of Territory Improvement and Public Works of Madagascar. The Project is located in the middle section of Madagascar’s No. 44 National Highway, from Amboasary Town in the south, to the second half of National Highway 3A and No. 44 National Highway in the north, which leads directly to Ambatondrazaka, which is Madagascar’s largest rice-producing area and an important agricultural development town.
The Project is regarded as the "lifeline of food transportation in Madagascar". Upon completion, it will play a vital role in ensuring the security of food supply in Madagascar.