China’s longest underwater highway tunnel achieves breakthrough

A major breakthrough has been achieved in construction of China’s longest and widest underwater highway tunnel in Wuxi, east China’s Jiangsu Province. The tunnel section linking the land area and Taihu Lake area in the Mashan section was completed on November 16, indicating the Taihu Lake Tunnel has “dived” into the lake and began underwater construction. The cofferdams extend from two sides of the lake into the middle, which will be pumped, excavated, and backfilled in sections to ensure the water flow and protect the ecological environment of the lake as much as possible. 
The 43.6m-wide tunnel on the Suzhou-Wuxi-Changzhou highway project will run for 10.8 km under the scenic Taihu Lake and is scheduled to open in 2021. The highway, upon completion, will effectively relieve the regional traffic pressure and promote the tourism development.