CCCC helps village with poverty relief by developing industries

“It’s so great that I can earn money by growing peppercorns in my own field,” villager Kai Fusheng said excitedly when being paid for planting pepper seedlings. 
Shuangmidi village in underdeveloped Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture in southwest China’s Yunnan Province features high altitudes, making it hard for common crops to grow. Huang Quan, assigned by CCCC to the village to assist with poverty relief, invited agricultural experts to see what could be done. The experts advised the villagers to adopt relay sowing of pepper trees in the potatoes, which can help increase the production on a limited land while retaining the traditional agricultural industry. 
In addition to this, Huang also contacted local relevant sectors to offer seedlings to the villagers and he also got in touch with the CCCC-built green spice industrial park to acquire the pepper. In August of this year, CCCC also launched a special anti-poverty e-commerce platform to help the villagers sell their agricultural products including tea, honey and walnuts.