The start order for the Bogota Metro Line 1 Project signed

 Recently, the start order for the Bogota Metro Line 1 Project in Colombia was officially signed at the depot. Ivan Duque, president of Colombia, Marta Lucia, vice-president of Colombia, attended the ceremony online. Lan Hu, the Chinese ambassador to Colombia, was present at the ceremony.
At the beginning of the event, Duque congratulated everyone on the official signing of the start order for the Bogota Metro Line 1. In his speech, he mentioned that Bogota Metro Line 1 project, is large in size and involves many industries. It is a leading project for the resumption of work and production in Colombia, a promise of the current government and also a strategic project under the commitment of the government and the framework of the “National Development Plan”. It is of great significance to the improvement of national confidence and the overall development of the region.
Lan Hu said the project is a model of win-win cooperation between the two countries in the field of pragmatic cooperation. The Chinese enterprises will work closely with relevant departments of the Colombian side to ensure timely, compliant and safe construction and contribute to Colombia’s urban development and friendship between the two countries.
The design length of Bogota Metro Line 1 in Colombia is 23.96km; its maximum design speed is 80km/h and the operating speed is 42km/h.