Bridges improve traffic condition in Nujiang, Yunnan province

“The bridge’s finally opened! My travel time to the opposite side of the river will be cut by 20 minutes. It will be much easier for me to purchase tea for our shop, and I bet my business will boom in the future due to easier traffic,” a local tea shop owner said excitedly when the CCCC Lianxin Bridge was opened in August this year. 
Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture in southwest China’s Yunnan Province embraces stunning natural scenery, with 98% being high mountains and steep valleys. The inconvenient traffic has been restricting local development. The CCCC-built Lianxin Bridge has connected the two parts of the Liuku town, which had been separated by the Nujiang River. 
Although it rains half a year, CCCC built the long-awaited bridge in almost a year. The team also adjusted the construction plan in order to protect a 300-year-old tree. 
Besides the Lianxin Bridge, CCCC also aided with construction of the Fugong Munima Bridge, which has been closed recently and will benefit nearly 30,000 locals.