Afghan President inspected the DaYa Highway Project

Recently, the President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, inspected the Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Dar-i-suf to Yakawlang Road Project undertaken by CCCC subsidiary CRBC (hereinafter referred to as "DaYa Highway Project"). 
Ghani and his delegation inspected the route of the Project by car and inquired about the construction progress, mechanical equipment configuration, and employment of local employees. Ghani expressed condolences to the builders who remained at their posts during the epidemic, and praised CRBC for its active organization of the construction. He said that the Afghan government believes that with CRBC's rich experience in construction and management, the Project will be successfully completed, and it will contribute to improving Afghanistan's transportation infrastructure and promoting local economic development.
The DaYa Highway Project is located in central Afghanistan, starting from Yakawlang in Bamyan Province and ending in Dar-i-suf, Samangan Province, with a total length of 178 kilometers. This Project is the largest engineering project undertaken by a Chinese company in Afghanistan in recent years. 
The successful implementation of the Project will greatly improve the traffic conditions in central Afghanistan, promote economic development and cultural exchanges in the region, and will be of great significance to the planning of Afghanistan’s national road transportation network and the interconnection of surrounding areas.