Steel box girder assembly of Tseung Kwan O Bay Bridge completed

As the 1200-ton gantry crane successfully completed the last section of the steel box girder of the main bridge, the main bridge assembly task of the Hong Kong Tseung Kwan O Bay Bridge Project was successfully completed, providing a strong guarantee for the subsequent arch rib installation and shipment.
CCCC subsidiary CRBC paid close attention to the changes in the epidemic, and actively promoted the resumption of work and production on the premise of ensuring the safety and health of employees. Since the commencement of the installation of the main bridge and side span steel box girder of the Project, the project team meticulously organized the construction and formed a technical research team to continuously overcome a series of technical problems such as S690 welding, total assembly line control, and sliding tire frame design. The steel box girder sections of the main bridge were hoisted on schedule, laying a solid foundation for the smooth completion of the Project.