CCCC builds green venues for the Winter Olympics

Ski trails of the Chinese National Alpine Skiing Center for 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics look like long lines, winding along the Xiaohaituo Mountain Area in northwestern Beijing’s Yanqing. CCCC has been sticking to building green and sustainable venues for the event. CCCC has recently finished ecological restoration of the skiing center, involving 720,000 sq m of trails and planting 180,000 trees and shrubs of types. 
During restoration, CCCC paid much attention to environmental protection. To protect the rare and fragile subalpine meadows from being destroyed, the team worked out a special program: in the early stage of construction, the turf and topsoil on the upper layer of the trails were stripped, collected and stored nearby, and were then laid back on the trails upon completion. The overall survival rate of the subalpine meadows planted by the team is as high as 74%, far exceeding the estimated 40%.
During ski season, the snow-covered ski trails serve athletes with perfect competition venues. When spring comes, the trails will turn green again as seeds sprout out of the ground.