Kigali Urban Road Upgrading Project got preliminary certificate

The 54.56-kilometer-long Kigali Urban Road Upgrading Project undertaken by CCCC subsidiary CRBC obtained the Preliminary Certificate.
The Project consists of 9 independent roads. The main content of the Project is to widen and pave the road surface, and add necessary bridges, culverts, side ditches and other facilities.
In response to the CPVID-19 pandemic, the Rwandan government implemented a 45-day “city lockdown”. CRBC Rwanda Office negotiated with the Owner as soon as the ban was lifted, and on the premise of complying with Rwandan government's pandemic prevention and control regulations and implementing site and personnel disinfection measures, it overcame the inconvenience in material transportation and the shortage of construction personnel during the pandemic, gradually resumed work and production according to the established plan, which earned valuable time for the critical period of project closure, ensured that the Project was completed on schedule, and achieved the goal of zero infection among employees.
As an important part of the main road network in Kigali, the Project, after full line connection, has greatly improved local traffic congestion, eased urban traffic pressure, and injected strong impetus for the Rwandan government and people to fight the pandemic. The citizens affectionately named it "the way to make urban life better".