CCCC helps Nujiang by infrastructure improvement and employment promoting

“Getting to witness the earth-shaking changes here is the most proud thing in my life. I’ll never regret my choice,” said CCCC’s employee Li Changzhi, when recalling the past 1,500 days in underdeveloped Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture in southwest China’s Yunnan Province. Li worked there to help local people out of poverty. 
In the past, it was hard for students in the village to go to school via the only rugged mountain road, which became even dangerous particularly in rainy days. The local school was also dilapidated after decades since its construction. Learning these circumstances, Li called on local villagers to renovate the road and the school. Under joint efforts, the school has now taken on a new look, offering a favorable learning environment for students. A new road with guard fence was also built to guarantee children a safe way to school. 
Under Li’s encouragement and recommendation, many local villagers now joined our projects, where they not only gained stable income monthly, but have created a better life for their family through their own efforts.