CCCC brings a better life to Partiguli’s family in Xinjiang

“I’ll accept your knife as a present, but promise me, you will take care of the family as a man,” said Wang An, gently looking at the teenage boy.  
“Sure. It is a promise between you and me,” the boy said happily. 
The boy is Partiguli’s son. Partiguli lives in Yingjisha County in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. One year before, the family had been living a hard life. She had to take care of her bedridden parents and support her two kids through school. Living a better life was a problem for her. 
However, things began to change for the better since CCCC employee Wang An came to help local people out of poverty. Considering the family’s actual situation, Wang and other team members repaired the once run-down yard for the family. They encouraged Partiguli to plant some fruits and vegetables and keep poultry and livestock to meet life’s basic demands. 
In order to bring a stable income for the family, Wang found an online channel for Partiguli to sell her hand-made crafts, helped the family get subsidies, and arranged a job for Partiguli to work as a room cleaner at a local kindergarten. 
“As our income goes up, the quality of our lives will improve,” said Partiguli hopefully. 
As a token of gratitude, Partiguli’s son gifted Wang an exquisite pocket knife, which represents good luck according to local customs.