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CCCC Fugong Munima Bridge
CCCC Fugong Munima Bridge is another bridge built by CCCCin Nujiang Prefecture after CCCC Lianxin Bridge of Nujiang. It is a key project for precise poverty alleviation of transportation infrastructure. Located at the south entrance of Fugong County, the bridge crosses the Nujiang River, connecting the Provincial Highway S228 and Nujiang Meili Highway in the east, and Guquan Highway in the west. The bridge is 256 meters long and 20.5 meters wide, with two-way four-lane and a total investment of 145 million RMB. The Construction of the bridge began in December 2018, was completed for trial operation at the end of 2020, and officially opened to traffic on July 9, 2021. After the completion of the Munima Bridge, Fugong County has a convenient ring road, which facilitates the daily passage of 30,000 people on both sides of the bridge, especially the 13,000 relocated people, and plays an important role in driving the economic development of the villages on both sides and expanding the development space of Fugong County.