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CCCC Lianxin Bridge of Nujiang

In order to breakthrough the traffic bottleneck linking the Nujiang Prefecture of Yunnan Province with the surrounding urban areas, and to solve the problem of "difficulty in crossing the river and travelling" for the local people of poverty alleviation relocation, CCCC provided 105 million RMB in gratuitous aid for the construction of the Lianxin Bridge of Nujiang. The total length of the whole bridge is 310 meters, the steel consumption of the main bridge is 1756.7 tons, the span of the main bridge is 144 meters, and the incremental launching of a single span is 100 meters, creating the record of the largest incremental launching of a single span in Asia. It is a key project for Nujiang Prefecture, Yunnan Province to win the decisive battle against poverty. CCCC Lianxin Bridge of Nujiangwas officially completed and opened to traffic in August 2020, which effectively alleviated the traffic congestion in the urban area of Lushui City, Nujiang Prefecture, further improved the urban traffic skeleton network, improved the urban image, and played an important role in promoting the economic and social development of Nujiang and improving the people's production and living conditions. It is also a star project in the history of poverty alleviation in Nujiang Prefecture.