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Providing residents in mountains with safe drinking water

Recently, all 273 households in Jiaozilong Village, Guangnan County, Yunnan Province have access to tap water, which has completely solved the problem of no access to safe water for local residents.

"I no longer have to go up the mountain to fetch water. Having tap water is so much more convenient!" said Liu Yixing, a villager who was filling up his container at the water tap.

Jiaozilong Village is located in a karst landform area where the geology is unable to hold or store water effectively, and drilling for water is not feasible. As a result, the village relies mainly on rainwater collection or obtaining water from a large reservoir far from the village. The harsh conditions not only bring great inconvenience to the daily lives of villagers but also limit local economic development.


The construction of the second section of the rural water supply project in Guangnan County, undertaken by CCCC Second Harbor Engineering, includes six water reservoirs, two water treatment plants, one pumping station, 24 kilometers of water pipelines, and 26 kilometers of distribution pipelines. The project is scheduled to start construction in March 2022.