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Shaanxi: 70 street lights light up a happiness road in Xiashanpan Village
"Now with the street lights, it's brighter than at home, and it's much more reassuring to ride a bicycle at night on the road." Wang Haixing, a villager from Xiashanpan Village in Wubao County, Shaanxi Province, said with a smile.
The street lights Wang Haixing mentioned are the 70 new energy street lights donated by CCCC for the 2.7-kilometer village road.
The villagers here get rid of poverty and embark on a new road of rural revitalization with jujube and black goat. However, the only road in the village has no street lights, and the villagers' passage is not safe at night.
After a field survey, the CCCC team finally chose solar street lights for the village, which are easy to install and maintain. Looking at the rows of street lights standing by the roadside of the village, the villagers' eyes were full of happiness.
Street light installation
Now, in this small village along the Yellow River, the street lights are particularly bright at night, which light up the villagers' way home and their beautiful and happy life.