CCCC Builds Dreams·Beautiful Countryside

Cultivating a dragon fruit planting project to create a beautiful model village

Zibian Wangji Village is located in the town of Daxingdi, Lushui City, Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. It is situated in the longitudinal valley of the Hengduan Mountains in western Yunnan Province, with an average altitude of 1300 metres, forming a high mountain valley landscape with steep slopes and deep valleys. The village has 7 natural villages and 14 village groups, with a total population of 652 households and 1,993 people. The villagers have less than 5 years of education and lack of labour skills, and the per capita arable land area is 1.44 mu, which leads to farmers mainly engaging in traditional farming and breeding, making it difficult to break through the bottleneck of increasing income.

In 2017, relying on the quality resources of Nujiang River, CCCC built a special industry of dragon fruit planting project and invested a total of more than 1 million RMB in Daxingdi Town, Lushui City, Nujiang Prefecture, to build the first professional farmers' cooperative funded by CCCC - Rongxin Dragon Fruit Planting Farmers' Cooperative, whose members are all poor households registered in Daxingdi Town, Zibian Wangji Village.

The dragon fruit planting project adopts the model of "village collective economy + wealthy leaders + households with file cards", in which poor households with file cards can participate in part of the field work and enjoy dividend income. By 2020, CCCC had invested 5.96 million RMB to expand the planting area from 81.6 mu in 2017 to 400 mu, helping to build a standardised demonstration base for dragon fruit and constructing a cold storage and processing room. The dragon fruit economy has become a shining and precise business card for Daxingdi town and even Nujiang Prefecture, helping to transform Ziping Wangji Village from a backward and poor village into a model village of poverty alleviation.