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CCCC Lanping New Era Hope School

CCCC Lanping New Era Hope School, located in Lanping County, Nujiang Prefecture, Yunnan Province, is a Nine-Year Compulsory Education school with the largest scale and most comprehensive facilities in Lanping County, covering 15,000 people around Lanping County, funded by CCCC with 148 million RMB in free aid. The school building covers an area of 40,367 square meters, including primary and secondary school teaching buildings, student canteens, comprehensive buildings, libraries, sports grounds, dormitories, temporary dormitories for teachers, etc. In July 2020, the school was officially put into use, which not only solved the problem of "difficult schooling" for children of relocated people and migrant workers, but also raised the local junior high school enrolment rate to 100%, comprehensively improving the allocation of educational resources in Lamping County and upgrading local schooling conditions and standards.