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China Harbour set up "China Harbour Scholarship"

Since entering Indonesia in 1996, China Harbour Indonesia has actively integrated into the local community, taken the initiative to assume social responsibility and invested in public welfare, demonstrating a good brand image in the Indonesian market and being highly praised by all sectors of the Indonesian society.

In March 2010, on the occasion of its 30th anniversary, China Harbour established the “China Harbour Scholarship” at the Presidency University of Indonesia and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Gedung Yayasan Kasih Orang Tua PNIEL welfare home in Indonesia to subsidize the tuition fees of 10 orphans in the welfare home until they graduate from high school. Over the years, 15 students from the Presidency University have been awarded the “China Harbour Scholarship” each year, which will be awarded for 10 years. The tuition fees of 10 orphans in the welfare home are subsidized by 30 million IDR (equivalent to approximately 15,000 RMB) every year, which will also last for 10 years.

China Harbour will continue to develop its business while devoting itself to public welfare in Indonesia, actively fulfilling its corporate social responsibility and creating a positive image for Chinese enterprises in the Indonesian market.