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Carrying out medical assistance

In order to prevent the poor people in designated poverty alleviation areas from falling into poverty and returning to poverty due to illness, CCCC has been making up for the shortcomings of medical and health resources in poor areas and improving the conditions and capacity of local medical and health services by carrying out the construction of health and medical institutions and training medical personnel.

From 2019 to 2020, CCCC invested more than 8 million RMB to subsidize the construction of village-level clinics in Nujiang Prefecture, improve the allocation of medical resources, and 18 poverty-alleviation units affiliated to the group cooperated with townships to help build village-level medical and health institutions and provide equipment and facilities, so as to solve the problem of villagers' difficulty in getting medical treatment. From 2019 to 2020, CCCC provided more than 4.5 million RMB for doctor training in Nujiang Prefecture, which was used to improve the secondary vocational education of rural doctors, improve the ability of rural doctors, managers and clinicians of county and township medical and health institutions, and promote the overall local medical level.