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An “Internet celebrity” in mountains
"On this unique stone road in Qipan Village, Mazhan Town, Cangnan County, Zhejiang, the chess culture is rich and the homestays are distinctive. If you have time, come and experience it!" Zhang Hua, a livestreamer with hundreds of thousands of followers, is holding up her phone and introducing the village to her audience during the livestream.
The once isolated small village has now become a somewhat famous Internet celebrity, thanks to the three-year effort of the project team of the Fourth Harbor Engineering of CCCC.
The village's original narrow and rugged roads were often muddy and impassable in rainy weather. The project team built a new standardized road that is 1.2 kilometers long and 8 meters wide, connecting the ancient village with the national highway under construction. This has greatly improved transportation efficiency and safety for villagers traveling and transporting goods, who are no longer affected by weather. The project team also regularly organizes personnel to maintain the road.
The smooth road has brought infinite possibilities for the development of the village. The project team actively promotes the local and ancient chess culture, as well as beautiful rural development. They encourage young people who used to work outside the village to return home for employment and have created special cultural and tourism projects such as farmhouse restaurants, themed homestays, and chess experiencing halls. This has formed a cultural tourism industry centered around chess, attracting thousands of tourists every year and providing more than 100 job opportunities for local villagers.
The National Highway 228 is now about to be opened. After its opening, it will improve the road network of Cangnan County and promote the economic and social development of villages along the line.