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Croatia: Peljesac Bridge contributes to Komarna people's happiness

With perfect temperature and fresh air, Komarna is located in the southernmost part of Croatia, in Dubrovnik. Thanks to the opening of the Peljesac Bridge, the village has seen a tourist season this year.

Ivo, the village head of Komarna, said that in recent years, due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, Komarna saw a sharp decline in tourists. "This year, the impact of the epidemic has been controlled and the bridge has been opened to traffic, so that Komarna attracted many tourists." Ivo is confident about this year's tourism revenue.
Ivo's hopes are not groundless. Posters advertising B&B rentals with the Peljesac Bridge as a backdrop fill the pages of tourism websites of Komarna and its surrounding areas.
"This year there are many more tourists than previous years, and many apartments have already been booked by tourists; we locals call this the 'bridge effect'." Ivana runs an apartment in Komarna that is now fully booked.
For Ina, a small shop owner, the bridge has brought a boom to her small store. Refrigerator stickers with pictures of the bridge and a variety of bridge-related handicrafts have become sought-after items in the store. "I didn't expect them to be so popular. The first batch of tourists this year snapped up these souvenirs about the bridge. The second and third batches of souvenirs are being produced now." Ina couldn't stop smiling. In addition to the apartment, the business of the restaurant run by the Ivo family is better.
Today, known as the "happy village Komarna", Komarna is enjoying the constant vitality brought by the bridge not far away.