CCCC Builds Dreams·Promoting Employment

Poverty alleviation through labor helps villagers get out of the mountainous area

Labour export is an important way to provide transfer employment opportunities for surplus rural labour and help improve the comprehensive quality of laborers and their ability to eliminate poverty. CCCC coordinates the labor export poverty alleviation work, integrates the labor demand of enterprises, and provides corresponding jobs. By 2020, CCCC had provided employment to 2,863 poor people through labor export in Yunnan and Xinjiang.

In May 2019, CCCC organized a joint recruitment team from 8 units of its affiliates, which came to Lushui city in Nujiang Prefecture and Yunnan University of Yunnan Province, and held two special recruitment fairs and provides more than 160 jobs for previous and recent college graduates of Nujiang origin. In June 2020, CCCC also offered more than 100 jobs to college graduates from Nujiang, Yunnan.