Green development

The Gui'an New District Two Lakes One River Sponge City Pilot PPP Project, located at the core of Gui'an New District in Guizhou Province, one of the first 16 sponge city construction pilots in China, has a Red Line Area of 10,003.2 mu and consists of Moon Lake Park, Star Moon Lake Park and Chetian River, which is the largest single sponge city wetland park in China.


The project unit fully utilises the construction means of sponge city, transforming the traditional "end-of-pipe treatment" into "source reduction, process control, system treatment and co-ordinated construction", focusing on building a three-level control barrier system for water quality and quantity. The treatment method of “artificial wetland + plant interception zone” is adopted for the domestic and production sewage of residents of Luguan Village upstream of the water source, so that the discharged water can reaches Class III water quality, which is equivalent to the average daily replenishment of nearly 400 cubic metres of water to Moon Lake. Sponge facilities and equipment are used to purify a large amount of rain and sewage in the field, and after collection, it is used for green irrigation, field washing, replenishment of lakes, etc., so as to achieve optimal utilization of water resources. By strengthening the capacity of runoff sharing, the annual total runoff control rate of Moon Lake Park and Star Moon Lake Park is not less than 86% and 89%, respectively.