Rescue and Disaster Relief

CCCC helps to protect Chancay Port in Peru
On January 15, a volcanic eruption in Tonga triggered tsunami waves and an oil spill at an oil refinery 35 kilometers away from the Chancay Port project in Peru, polluting a large area of seawater near the project and endangering surrounding birds and marine life. After the oil spill, the project department of CCCC, with a high sense of social responsibility and the original aspiration of building a green port, decisively started the emergency plan of environmental protection to save the sea and sea life.
The project department contacted the local animal protection agency SERFOR and the city hall to rescue the seabirds contaminated by crude oil, and successfully rescued a large number of seabirds and many vulnerable and rare Peruvian penguins. The project department provided anti-fouling curtains and arrange vessels and anchor boats to help the local maritime authority to transport rescue materials and set up anti-fouling curtains, which contributed to preventing the spread of oil to the surrounding public beaches. The project department actively assisted the local government to clean up the 2-kilometer-long beach contaminated by oil, which restored a suitable living environment for seabirds and other sea life.
The pragmatic and effective actions of the CCCC team in response to the crisis were highly recognized by all sectors of the Peruvian society.