30,000,000T coal berth (32#-34#) project of Jingtang Port


This project includes the following:
  (1) system loading and unloading equipment: including twelve 6000t/h belt conveyors, seventeen 7780t/h belt conveyors, two 6500t/h bucket-wheel reclaimers, four bucket-wheel stacking and reclaiming machines(stacking 7200t/h and reclaiming 6500t/h), three 6500t/h movable telescopic-type ship loaders, power supply and lighting equipment, automatic control and information management system, dust prevention system, water-sprinkling system, fire protection system, etc. 

(2) system equipment of wagon tipper: two sets of three-tipping O-shaped single-rotor wagon tipper with rated capacity of 7200t/h.