300,000T Dock Project of Dalian Shipyard


Currently it is the largest deep water wharf for crude oil in China and can accommodate and unload the 300,000T ultra-large oil tanker which is the most advanced in the world. It can berth upwards 375,000T oil tanker and berth downwards 100,000T oil tanker. It is designed with annual throughput of 23,000,000T. 

This project is composed of phase Ⅰcofferdam project and phase II hydraulic structure. The former (including 800m outfitting quay) was commenced on April 28, 2001 and completed on March 18, 2002 and the latter is entirely completed at the end of December 2003. This dock is with effective length of 400m, width of 96m, depth of 13m, top elevation of +5.20m and bottom elevation of -7.80m.