BT investment project for the infrastructure in northern waterfront area in Zhenjiang


This project mainly focuses on the investment and construction of the infrastructure in northern waterfront area in Zhenjiang and includes following 9 sub-works: dredging work of Neijiang River, main urban trunk (phaseⅠ) of Jinshanhu subarea, check gate of Yunliang River, Binjiang outer ring road (phaseⅠ of Zhengrunzhou island section) project, Binjiang outer ring road project (phaseⅡ of Zhengrunzhou island section), main urban tunk (phaseⅡ) of Jinshanhu subarea, trunk road prject inside Zhengrunzhou island, water system improvement project inside Zhengrunzhou island, Binjiang inner ring road, etc. The investor is CCCC Investment Company Ltd and the cooperator is Zhenjiang Water Investment Corporation. The total investment is around RMB 2 billion yuan. This project was started in September 2009 and the total cycle is 6~7 years.    


Geographical location map of Zhenjiang municipality

Project location area map


Dredging construction plan

Working scene of cutter suction dredger


Project construction panorama

Near view of cutter suction dredger working