Expressway Project of Capital Airport



In October 1992, Capital Expressway Co., Ltd was established jointly invested by the original China Road & Bridge Corporation and Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Expressway(Beijing)Corporation to be specifically responsible for the investment, construction and operation of BOT project of Capital Airport. The project investment is RMB 1.615 billion yuan. This expressway was formally opened to traffic after China's former Premier Li Peng cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony in September 1993. In October 1996, 96% share ownership of the capital expressway along with "Beijing Enterprises Holdings Limited" was listed in Hong Kong, meanwhile, a franchise operation periodof 30 years for this project was obtained, and currently this project is under smooth operation.    

This project starts from Sanyuan Bridge in the west and terminates at Capital Airport in the east, and it has a total length of 18.735km, roadbed width of 34.5m, two-way six lanes with designed vehicle speed 120km/h and modified asphalt concrete pavement. The whole expressway is provided with 19 bridges including 3 river-spanning bridges, 8 passage bridges and 8 overpasses. The area of bridge and ramp is 152,000m2. Complete traffic facilities such as isolation barrier, corrugated beam barrier, attached outline sign, pavement striping, character symbol, protruding road sign, etc are provided on both side of the road. Both sides of the line are respectively equipped with green forest belt 50~100m in width. Sabina chinensis hedge is planted in the central isolation strip for greenery.   

Since 2006, the airport expressway has undergone a major overhaul. Its roads, bridges and auxiliary facilities comply with the latest relevant active technical codes and standards of China after completion of overhaul. Currently the whole line consists of 13 section detectors, 17 traffic cameras, 3 security cameras, 4 small variable information screens, 7 cantilever-type integrated information screen, 3 sets of gantry-type information screen, which form a complete traffic monitoring system.